GENOMatch – Award-winning technological innovation

  • Platform-independent application on the client site
  • Browser access to the SIM Center of various institutions via an http-connection
  • Access is provided with user ID and password
  • If required, smartcards with SSL-client certificates can constantly verify authenticity. The necessary PKI – requiring a secure identification of users with PostIdent – is provided by a certified Trust Center compliant with signature legislation.
  • genomatch supplies web services to contracted laboratories so that local storage systems can be integrated securely.
  • Email communication channels are fully encrypted with S/MIME. This includes communication between users as well as data orders and mailorders by external service providers (e.g. barcode printing companies).
  • To sum up, any and all communication regardless of shape or form is protected using encryptography and is encoded and signed at all times.

Open Source Software employed for a critical application SIM Center:

  • Operating system: SuSE Linux
  • Web server: Apache with mod_ssl/OpenSSL
  • Application server: Tomcat
  • Web services: Apache Axis
  • Web interface: Apache Struts
  • Encryption: BouncyCastle Security Provider

Thin Clients:

  • Operating system: Slackware Linux
  • Browser: Mozilla Firebird

Open Source Best Practice Award

Serrala Software won the Open Source Best Practice Award for the development of GENOMatch.


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