GENOMatch University introduces GENOMatch, the successful biobanking concept, to teaching hospitals (university hospitals).

The administration of samples at universities is usually done under utilization of conventional tools. genomatch university offers professional biobanking with secure pseudonymization (factual anonymization) which is cost-competitive even for minor studies with only a few participants/patients..

GENOMatch University provides trial and study participants/patients in small and medium-sized research projects with the highest possible degree of security and comfort. For scientific purposes in hospital management, genomatch university constitutes a validated, intranet biobank.

Field of Application: Scientific Research

At university hospitals, samples are taken daily from inpatients and outpatients, which need to be processed according to a standard that complies with data protection regulation. For this time-consuming activity, genomatch university offers convenient assistance with a system based on roles and rights, which can be adjusted to daily working procedures in the respective clinics. Independent of sample type (blood, serum, biopsies, etc.), personal data will be pseudonymized multiple times before storage. The samples – also pseudonymized multiple times – are transferred to specifically prepared cooling units at -80°C to -140°C.

Their retrieval, e.g. for extraction, is facilitated through a which allows authorized users (physicians) to access the existing clinical data by queries to the biobank. A filter confirming that the respective consent forms of all patients cover each request determines which patients – independent of the clinical data – will be included in the search results. If a sample withdrawal from the cooling units is warranted, automatic scans of the samples ensure that only the “correct” ones are taken. With their consent form, patients and clinical study participants support medical research at universities in Germany. GENOMatch University supplies them with a very high level of protection of their personally relevant data.

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