Serrala Cloud Solutions focuses on highly specialized solutions in the following areas

  • Biobanks:
    Development, validation and certification of web-based biobanks via certified pseudonymization or anonymization procedures for clinical data and samples (blood, tissue, etc.)
  • Registries:
    Questionnaire based web applications to collect disease related follow-up data from patients and physicians for scientific analyses and AI-supported prediction
  • Telemonitoring:
    Storage, processing and surveillance of vital data from home care devices
  • Pseudonymization services:
    Application modules for secure multiple pseudonymization of patient data (in- or outpatient, mobile)
  • Clinical trials:
    Simplified, semi-automated communication with government offices notifying changes to clinical trial protocols


Serrala Cloud Soltions offers complete solutions such as GENOMatch , GENOMatch University or registries.

Single components, e.g. pseudonymization services, can be integrated into your existing solutions.


We look forward to satisfying your personal data needs in project planning and implementation. To get in touch please use our contact form.