Research Project AppLauf ('AppCirculatory')

Monitoring von KHK-Patienten oder Herz-Kreislauf-Risikopersonen

Is it possible to predict cardio-vascular emergencies? What parameters are required to distinguish between a harmless cardiological incident and one which is life-threatening? Can algorithms learn to make this distinction?

More than 17% of the deaths that occur each year have a cardio-vascular cause. The likelihood of surviving a cardio-vascular emergency is over 60%, nevertheless, 25-40% of the cardio-vascular patients remain so traumatised that many sports and health-enhancing physical activities outside the usual domestic environment are only exercised when they are accompanied by somebody else. Unaccompanied, the readiness to exercise these activities steadily decreases.

A key risk factor is, however, the physical inactivity of the affected person (G.C. Schuler, 2013).

AppLauf is a multi-component approach for the monitoring of CHD patients or people at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. In close cooperation with Spacebit GmbH, a technology is being developed which enables the mobile and precise collection of medically important data. The data are sent via Smartphone APP to a server.

The prediction is enabled through the creation of appropriate models and statistical procedures and is supported by existing and appropriate forecasting methods. In cooperation with cardiologists, the data of the different risk groups are “optimised” in order to prepare the correct evaluation bases for the individual degree of disease severity and concomitant conditions. As there are no reference models for the AppLauf procedure, yet, new ground is broken in cardiology.

The cardiology department of the Jewish Hospital in Berlin (JKB) provides the medical input for the development of algorithms and the finding of adequate, statistical models for the prediction.


Forschungsprojekt AppLauf

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