Serrala Cloud Solutions GmbH, Healthcare is an international provider of healthcare software solutions. Serrala optimizes the universal healthcare providers that seek efficient biobanking, registries and mobile applications and secure personal data handling processes. Our new name is inspired by the Sierra de la Serrella, an impressive mountain range in Spain, which serves as a powerful symbol of confidence and security. 

Born from the belief that no problem is too large to solve, we are passionate about bringing clarity to complexity through transparent, innovative and flexible solutions, which can meet the needs of each healthcare organization, whether it be a medium-sized company or a global player.
With dedication and reliability we have managed countless successful customer projects for over 30 years. Our deep knowledge and understanding of medical data processing is the foundation for supporting you in all phases of your journey toward efficient and secure healthcare processes from strategy development to implementing the perfect set of solutions, or knowledge transfer to best practice advice and continuous support.